Beaton’s Fashion

Cecil Beaton’s 1971 exhibition Fashion: An anthology

1971 (October 1971 to be precise) marked the opening of the Fashion: An Anthology exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. This exhibition “put fashion on the map at the V&A” and had a lot to do with the changing perception of fashion’s place within the hallowed walls of the museum.
At the time there was mass publicity about the exhibition with both the Sunday telegraph and Vogue running large features on it Vogue mentioned “there were twenty outfits by Balenciaga, nine by Schiaparelli, eight Poirets, two Vionnets, a Fortuny, and “masses of Chanels”
One of the many beautiful Balenciaga dresses on display at the exhibition, dating to 1959.
Cecil Beaton’s exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum saw the accession of some of the most iconic pieces of dress that the V and A holds. Here are just a few of my personal favoruites.
1957 Jacques Fath dress (what a princess piece!)
 1957 floral by Pierre Balmain
 1947 classic early Dior day dress
1909-20 Iconic Fortuny Delphos dress

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