Vintage 1920’s: Wedding Dresses Old and New

Kicking off  the vintage wedding inspiration week is of course the roaring twenties. The 1920s were the first time women rebelled from the norm, putting away their corsets in favour of free flowing silk. Many also decided to cut their hair and the bob was born. Here are some classic looks from the era!

1. vintage 1920s wedding dress: the flapper

This first image is a painting by John Singer Sargent showing Lady Grace Elvina in the classic 1920s flapper look. Her dress is  ivory silk satin with a deep v-neck. She has a light tulle scarf placed below her waist and several strings of pearls around her neck.

Vintage replica wedding dresses in this classic style are available in both silk and lace. One specialist company that I found in my surfing travels is the London based Vintage Wedding Company. Here is one of the dresses from their collection.

Low Slung Waist, 1920s Style Wedding Dress

I also selected a less direct interpretation as I feel it is flattering to all figures because of its beautiful wrap effect and it also has a v-shaped neck line which gives it a vintage feel. The small cap sleeves are a beautiful addition to the dress.

Vintage Style Wedding Dress with Cap Sleeves and Peach Hemline

2. vintage 1920s wedding dress: knee length

As part of the freedom of expression that women demanded, hemlines began to rise. The flapper style (deep v-neck with a low slung waist as above) was maintained as you can see with Norma Shearer below. Pearls, gloves and fur were also still very popular. However, more fitted dresses with detailed bodice detailing such as brocade embroidering were also available as you can see with Joan Crawford’s look. All are definitely wedding inspiration worthy.

If you cannot find or do not want an original vintage dress, I thought these two dresses were really beautiful substitutes. They both carry a lot of  the vintage detail at the same time add in additional details like scalloped edges, tulle sleeves and waist cinching belts.

Scalloped 1920s Vintage Style Flapper Wedding Dress

3. a little bit of fun : vintage 1920s women’s trouser suit

I love these two pictures. As a girly girl, I’m all for wedding dresses but I do think that these two trouser suits would be quite lovely for girls who don’t particularly like dresses or if you are looking for inspiration for an alternative look for your wedding.




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