Vintage 1930’s: Wedding Dresses Old and New

After the flapper years of the 1920s, next came the stylish 1930s. This is my favourite decade because elegance was the name of the game. The very flattering bias cut which allows fabric to drape beautifully became hugely popular.

1. vintage 1930s wedding dress: sleek and long

Long gowns were popular as both day and night wear with sequins and beads used to add sparkle to evening wear. Here is a picture of English actress Anna Neagle in evening wear and a girl in Dallas in what would be considered day wear yet both looks are very suitable for any girl’s dream wedding.

As always here are some modern gowns which I feel fit within this genre. The simple cut of the gowns is accentuated by beautiful sequins or  finished with lace.

Wedding dress with a 1930s stylish vintage feel

Lace detail and satin ribbon fitted 1930s vintage style wedding dress

2. vintage 1930s wedding dress: art deco
Art deco is a style that reached its height of popularity in the 1930s. It is essentially creating art using geometric patterning – squares, rectangles, triangles etc. Its influence is most dominant in architecture but fashion designers were not to be left behind.

Here are a few structured gowns with have an art-deco feel. I love the structured ruffles in the second picture, somehow despite having such a regular shape, the dress appears to still flow as any 1930s vintage inspired dress really should.

Structural Detail on White Dress

Structured dress that moves beautifully



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